Orpha the Love of Ivan's Life!

Mom just turned 94 this year, 2016, and  is well on, on her own journey to 100...and to think she spent 64 of those years with Ivan....Yikes 😉 A rare shot of Ivan looking after Orpha;-)

Mom on the Horse Years

In 1967 Ivan, the real estate man,  sold a small horse farm on the outskirts of Windsor. In lieu of commission, he was rewarded with 3 thoroughbred horses.
Voila-Ivan the entrepreneur,  was in still another,  additional business!
In 1968, we traveled to Europe on a guided horse tour to five countries, England, Ireland, France, Germany, and Italy.
We visited fabulous horse farms in all five countries. Ivan was definitely in love with horses, in fact, so much so,  that he bought a filly,  and a colt,  at the sales in Dublin, Ireland, just at the beginning of our month long trip.He was assured that the owners of both the horses would keep them until we arrived back in Canada.
So we journeyed on happily,  visiting many race tracks,  and meeting lots of horse people. The Curragh in Ireland,  and the Ascot in Ireland to name a few. We were wined and dined in Germany, Italy and France and then back to reality in Canada.
The two horses from Ireland were flown to New York and then to Canada where they settled on a farm near Toronto.  The colt, O'Say Dan, became quite a valuable stud and sired many winners,  and the filly Santa's Helper, became an excellent broodmare. So it turned out well for the inexperienced horseman, not totally inexperienced as he knew and loved horses in his youth on the farm.
Ivan then went on to buy horses at the Kentucky sales and also acquired quite a few from the widow of a friend of his that died suddenly of a heart attack. At one time we had 40 horses.
We raced at Finger Lakes, Woodbine, Greenwood, Hazel Park in Detroit and Columbus Ohio. In the winter we went down to Tampa Bay Downs,  and this is where his horse Super Tam won Ivan's first stakes race.
When we moved from Windsor, we bought a large horse farm near Acton. Ivan was still involved in real estate but doing more and more with the horses.
Orpha ( More to Come Soon!)

As you can See in the Video Below......... Dad Could Rock it right to the End!

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