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Stop Eating Sugar Now

It's early in the morning. You have to get the kids out of bed. You have to get dressed yourself. Now you have to think about what to serve for breakfast before you and the kids go out for the day. It doesn't look like it can be done, can it? That's when cereal comes in handy, especially a cereal low in sugar.

You don't want to start the day eating copious amounts of sugar. Protein and healthy fat is what your breakfast meal should contain. You would otherwise only be given an hour's reprieve before you start feeling hungry again. Those who haven't eaten the proper breakfast will end up snacking on sugar, causing them to gain excess fats and weight. That's why a bowl of cereal low in carbs is the best way to start the day.

Sugar makes us tired as well as hungrier faster. Our blood sugar levels will be elevated and then immediately dropped after just 20 minutes. This is because when you start eating sugary foods, your body starts producing insulin to neutralize the sugar. High blood sugar is seriously dangerous to your health so your body has developed this mechanism to get rid of high blood sugar. Exhaustion and tiredness is the instant response among people whose sugar levels are dropping low. It's like you're having an afternoon nap, only it is happening in the morning. You cannot hope to accomplish much at work if you arrive there feeling sleepy.

So what should you eat for breakfast? I've already mentioned low sugar breakfast cereal. It is a wonderful thing if you chanced to stumble across a box. Unfortunately, finding them isn't an easy task. Besides, most people have grown to love sugar too much to even contemplate going on a low sugar diet. What they do is eat a lot of sugared cereals that causes them to become sleepy most of the time; thus, they drink a lot of coffee to battle sleepiness and, in the process, gain weight. You don't want to be one of those people. Although you can't get your hands on sugar-free cereals, you can definitely find other breakfast options that are low in sugar.

One of the best breakfast foods are eggs. The yolk of eggs contain a lot of good fats, and it is high in protein content as well. You can boil some eggs and store them in the refrigerator. You can simply take one or two eggs when you're rushing in the morning. You have the option of adding some salt to taste. Nobody said that non-traditional foods are not suitable for breakfast!

You can also try having low carb pancakes for breakfast. Just like what you did with the eggs, you can prepare them in batches and simply keep them in the fridge. It's so simple to pop it in the microwave to heat it up with some low sugar or sugar-free syrup.

the impression that protein shakes are merely for weightlifters have caused many people to overlook their advantages. But that isn't so. It can benefit everyone. In the morning, you can very easily prepare this low-calorie drink. Two minutes is all it takes to prepare this simple meal! You don't need to know how to cook even. Just mix protein powder with water or milk and blend in a blender.

Do not be stressed out over breakfast. Try your hand at the many low-sugar options available to you. These options are not only healthy but also quick and easy to prepare. You and your family will be on your way to wellness and good health!