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Written by Ivan Thrasher - June 15th, 2007.

My name is Ivan William Thrasher,  I was born in 1914, in Auld, Ontario, Canada, which no longer exists. I am the last living of eight siblings, which is the inspiration for this website,

to try to show people interested in reading how you can reach your ninetieth birthday and keep going strong. On my ninety second birthday I sat down at the dining room table and wrote these words..... "My Journey to 100"..... the date was May 21 st 2006. I have now had my 93rd and 94th and now my 95th has passed leaving me less than 1825 days to 100.

So with that in mind, I will increase my daily exercises all the way to 100, and, I will attempt to call someone from my past each day, that least expects to be called
( maybe someone who is sick or has lost a loved one or just to call and say hello.

The big reason that I am here is my mother born Ruby Catherine Jones on November 20th 1886. She was one of thirteen children and passed away on May 31st, 1972 at 86.

My father William Sylvester Thrasher, born March 6th, 1886 passed away January 20th, 1980 at the age of 94. I was holding his hand when he took his last breath, one of my life's highest moments, a deep breath, hesitation, a deeper one and after that there was no more just he and I, a very high point in my life.

If you see fit to read my ramblings you will find that I jump from different facets of my life like a jumping jack. One of the most important things instilled in me by my mother was "LOVE - never go to bed hating someone".

Love should be your number one priority as you journey through your life, (I do not mean sex love).

My mother was a Mother Theresa, and I was fortunate enough to marry another one, Orpha Alberta Miller,  the love of my life, and wife of 64 years, and mother of my five children.

Should one guy be so lucky, and they say lightening doesn't strike twice, I can prove them wrong!

The other main thing is Honesty, never, ever, tell lies. If you shake a man's hand on a deal, make good, or die on it, if necessary.

I learned early in life, that is not possible, to give anything away, give a smile you get a smile, give a kick you get a kick!

I remember back in the fifties Hurricane Hazel tore through Toronto http://www.hurricanehazel.ca/

On a Sunday in Cottam, Ontario, we attended church as the service ended the minister talked about the hurricane and said that there was a plate at the back of the church for donations. I was the first person to reach the plate, I reached into my pocket and found a $10 bill and a .10 cent coin. Although being short of money in those days I left the $10.00 and I believe that living a giving life is one of life's greatest joys and giving will come back to you in ways that you can never imagine 😉

Now Onward and Upward.......let's get on to 100....shall we...it promises to be quite a ride.

Lots More to Come so stay tuned and Join me in creating your own Journey to 100!

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Yours Very Sincerely,
A Budding Centenarian,
Ivan W. Thrasher

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