My Dad-Ruby  (1st Daughter-Dad's Favorite 😉

What can I say about my Dad?  While growing up, we didn't always see eye to eye, and in fact I left home when I was 17, pretty much because of him.  So, I guess in a way, I don't really know him as well as the rest of the kids.

However, there were some highlights:  while he was an MP in Toronto and I was at University, I remember going shopping with him to get all the necessities for his apartment and going out for nice dinners together.  And, playing many, many games of gin and scrabble - some of which I actually won.

After I got married and moved away permanently, we really only saw each other a few times a year.  Of course, I kept up with the family news and always knew when Dad was starting another of his addictions - eating weird foods, buying new exercise equipment, building bird houses and violins (even though he was the most "unhandy" guy you could ever meet).  He was constantly a source of entertainment for all my friends.  He was never afraid to start something new - and usually succeeded to my great surprise!

He's now well on his way to reaching his goal of 100, and here's to you Dad!  All the best and lots of love, Ruby

My Dad-Ruth   (2nd Daughter)     AKA Martha Stewart &  Mom's Favourite 😉

What I think about Dad!

1) He has always been there for me without being judgmental.
2) He always cares about those less fortunate than himself, often calling or visiting people on the spur of the moment
3) He has a zest for life and learning new things,constantly reading, doing puzzles plus incessantly beating me at scrabble.
4) He is almost obsessive about his health and his body( coconut oil, hemp hearts, the colon song, exercising daily etc. etc.
5) His unending love for Orpha and how he thanks her everyday for everything she does for him.
6) His never ending supply of material for stories to relate to others( his hanging upside down machine, his magnets, his self hypnotism etc.)


My Dad- Rosemary (3rd Daughter-1st Grandmother 😉

What can I say about Dad, that the rest of them haven't already said? Growing up in the fifties and sixties life was very different then today. I remember as a child I was a little afraid of Dad, he was pretty strict and there were lots of rules that we had to follow. Being the middle child, I learned from mistakes that my two older sisters made and hence didn't get into too much trouble. I remember that family was very important to both Mom & Dad, back then, and we did a lot as a family, from going to church every Sunday, regular visits to Grandma & Grandpa Thrasher's, picking strawberries and cherries, and wonderful road trips to Jekyll Island. I have found that this family value has stayed with all of us and because of that we have regular family gatherings at least 4 or 5 times a year. The cottage in Kearney has brought our immediate family even closer. I truly love the fact that our children are all very close. I feel this family value will stay with all of us as a result of our upbringing by our parents. I feel the older I get the closer I have become to Dad, I value our time together and I never grow tired of all his interesting stories. I've never met anyone who could remember details like Dad can. One saying Dad says is "Don't Matter" and I've learned through that saying, not to get too upset about the little things in life, I often find myself saying it. I guess lastly, what I admire about both Mom and Dad is the fact that they have been happily married for 64 years and their love for each other hasn't changed. Dad still gives Mom a kiss everyday and tells her he loves her. I think true love, a zest for life and healthy living has kept both Mom & Dad with us. We are very fortunate to still have both of them in our lives. Dad............ here's to your journey to 100.

Jeff .....Only Son & webmaster @ MyJourney  😉                                          

Well first and foremost, I guess I have to say, that Dad, has been the inspiration, for me, to have made this website.

As far back as I can remember my father has been a constant reminder to live a healthy life. For those of you that know me, I have not always listened 😉

However, in the background I have always had a keen interest in health, diet and exercise, most of which came from my Dad.

I can remember when he was a MPP in the 1960's, he was trying to get the Government, to adopt a program, that would allow all Canadians, the right to free exercise, via the YMCA or some other form of National Free Workout Facility. Unhappily, in those days, they did not consider, the long term affects, of a healthy population on the nations health care costs.

My father has shown me that it is my responsibility to look after myself and to that avail I spend a small fortune on supplements and my own personal health care.

I exercise daily, and read as much current health data as I can digest daily. I have had many health related businesses, supplement businesses, health websites etc.
So this health related website was a natural extension.

When Dad suggested he wanted to reach 100 I thought he was "NUTS" only is an incredible milestone, and once again he inspired me to reach for the stars and develop this site, so that other people can also aspire to live a long and healthy life.

Well Dad we are on our way, Happy 96th Birthday, as you can see less than 1290  days buddy!

All the Best for the Next Four Years..........keep exercising......Onward and Upward!

Your Only Son/Ivan Jeffrey Thrasher

My Dad-Shelley  (4th Daughter/ 5th child with her mommy 😉                                          

My father Ivan Thrasher has been an inspiration for me in several ways.
He is a very positive and optimistic person.
From the time I was a little girl, our home was a happy place full of laughter.
My father and mother provided a safe and positive place to call home.
Our friends were always welcome at our house, at any time of the night or day. If someone needed a place to stay or a meal, my parents
always provided it, and made people feel welcome.
One of my early memories of my father was him bringing home people that needed financial help, giving them a job in the barn, and a place to stay until they got on their feet again.
He has also inspired me to be entrepreneurial in the work world. I have tried many different things as a result of watching him excel in many areas including real estate, politics and horse racing. He was never afraid to try something new.
My father also taught me to play scrabble at a young age, which not only helped my spelling, but encouraged me to continue playing as an adult.
I also enjoyed attending church with my father and I loved listening to him sing there. I do believe that I got my love of music from my dad, who enjoyed singing and dancing. My favorite thing to do at a family wedding was dancing a polka with my father.
Sharing stories with my friends about my dad have been a constant source of entertainment for them, because he has led a very interesting life full of love and laughter and optimism.
I can only hope to accomplish even half of what he has in his 96 years, and I am happy to still have him in my life.

Shelley Thrasher

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