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After the War-May 8th 1945

We were in Nijmegen, Holland and at approximately 8 a.m. an officer came in and told us the war was over. We couldn't quite believe it, but drove to Amsterdam where there was much celebration going on in the streets. I was sitting on the top of a van and yelling to the people "YA,YA'" There were tens of thousands of people celebrating-everyone was over the moon.I remember a very wide street with a canal going down the middle of it with boats.

There were jubilant people everywhere.I remember seeing German soldiers with their guns over their heads looking very beaten and downtrodden. We went to the Hague where we stayed until ordered to go home. I also remember that the Germans were not able to take their bicycles back with them to Germany and there were mountains of bicycles everywhere. I was sent home by boat, and met up with my cousin Francis, who asked me to go and see this nice girl in London,  Ontario.  She was a nurse,  and she ended up becoming my wife. I said,  I will  marry the first nice girl I see"  and that's what I did.  I must have done something right, as we are still married 64 years later.
We got married shortly thereafter,  much to her parent's dismay-they didn't really trust this confident, handsome soldier just coming back from the war.  I can't say as I blamed them. We moved to Windsor, rented an apartment and our first child Ruby was born. We almost lost our lives in that apartment as the gas stove was defective.

We moved out to my Mom and Dad's farm for a short time and then proceeded to build a small house in Ruthven Ontaio,  just outside Windsor.

I got into Real Estate,  peach orchards and turkey farming. Those were the good old days.
Much more to come.........

Private Ivan

Private Ivan @ 30