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My Name is Ivan Thrasher…

...and this is my site... pretty cool for an old guy eh?

You can see above,  how many days I have to reach 100.  Coming soon a timer,  so you too,  can add your birth date and see how many days you have,  to reach 100 years of age?

But the idea here is to help you to live a long and healthy life and to give you some tools to help you along the way. Jeff and I, have researched and experimented, with all kinds of health treatments, tonics and potions and all things from the health food store, with diet and exercise, everything from hanging upside down to electric impulses, and eating chlorophyll and chlorella just to name a few 😉 There will be all kinds of articles related to longevity and anti aging, and, to just growing old with dignity and grace and hopefully having a little fun along the way? So I hope you sign up for updates, early bird on the list will get special privileges offered before we go live 😉 Hopefully we have INSPIRED YOU to Improve Your Habits! Stay tuned for updates/Ivan and Jeff Thrasher and Check our sister sites.............. Your Journey to 100 and Insure Your Health Yourself and  The Longevity Report