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Setting Goals – How To Set Goals

goalsettingOne of the only ways to be certain that you will always do what you have set out to is to create a plan that will assist you in managing your time, helping you to take steps towards achieving what you must. This in itself is goal-setting. You will be able to set small goals; things you would like to achieve in the near future, or long-term goals which are usually associated with reaching your dreams in the distant future.

The writing style used in this book is simple; as though it were written for the layman. Readers of all ages will benefit from the sound advice and text which points out each and every aspect of goal-setting; focusing on the 'how to's' as well as which negative habits to avoid, and how to ensure that you avoid them.

This book explains to inspiring goal setters, the importance of ensuring that the goals set are realistic and achievable. It gives examples, helping the reader to relate the situation in the example to their own life, assisting them to overcome their own obstacles.

You will begin to understand why it is so important that you first 'practice' by setting short-term goals for yourself, and learn that the motivation that comes from achieving a small goal is indeed the fuel that helps you to achieve your long-term goals. You will also learn that in order to reach for your dreams, and incorporate them into your long term goals, you will need to fulfill your needs first and foremost.

Through reading this book you will be guided as to how to motivate yourself and create your own future, based on seeing yourself live the life that suit who you are.

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Very few can build a puzzle without looking at a picture of the outcome of joining the pieces together. Likewise, very few mountain climbers can climb a peak with out first knowing the topography of the mountain face.

Expecting your life to go according to your plans can only happen if you actually have a set of plans to work with. These plans can only be carried out if the correct steps are taken, and these steps taken should ultimately lead you directly toward achieving your goals.

As you reach a goal that you have set, you can celebrate your victory and move ion to the next phase or stage of your life.

Whether you are a business man or woman with a young family, a student working to pay for your studies, a work-from-home mother, a single father or you feel you need assistance in learning how to set and achieve goals, Sarah Whittaker focuses on every important aspect of goal-setting in this book.

She leaves nothing out and helps you start at the very beginning, pointing out the important differences between wants and needs; helping you to see how and when to incorporate your dreams into your own bigger picture, which will allow you to exert your efforts effectively in order to achieve everything you would like to .

She will help you to discover your limitations; without knowing them we tend to deplete our resources. She will show you how to continue to work at goal achievement even in the face of doubt and adversity; whether your own or from others.

She will help you to understand the benefits of being self-sufficient and the importance of maintaining good health, staying happy and remaining balanced throughout life's sometimes 'rollercoaster-type' rides.

'Setting Goals: The ONLY way to achieve success', is one book in a 'life-skills related' series written by author, Sarah Whittaker. Reading it on its own will certainly assist you in the field of goal-setting. And, when read with the other books in the series, it may even change your life.