Happy Birthday May 21st


Ivan W. Thrasher the Inspiration for this Site, passed peacefully on January 21st 2011, in his 97th year, 1215 days short of his goal.

This all began, the day in his early 90′s, when he announced that “on my journey to 100, I will” and out he spouted all of his daily, monthly and yearly goals, that would help him reach 100. Violins were a big part of those goals, both playing and rebuilding them.
I tried to engage him in the internet, but I am afraid I did not have much luck, he once said to me during the building of the site, in his mid nineties now, with a wry smile, that he knew “I know, I am not pulling my weight with this project, I’ll try harder,” and then he winked and laughed.

Unfortunately Dad ran out of steam in his 97th year, on his mission to reach 100 years of age, a centenarian, on January 21st of this year, with just 1215 days to his goal. But this site will forever be a testament to his will to inspire others to live long and be healthy. With that in mind, it will be turned into a robust source of information, of all things related to living a long and healthy life according to Ivan, including many of his ideas and therapies etc.

I hope that you sign up for updates in the sign up form to the right or CLICK HERE for Free Health Tips. Also, think of anyone you know that aspires to reach 100 and beyond, and sign them up as well. Hopefully this site will encourage them in their journey too.

To My Father Ivan William Thrasher 1914-2011

From Your Whole Family, Dad – Love You More

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